N19 Shannon Airport Access Road
Improvement Scheme

Dept. Transport Standard 1.0

Update No. 1 (May 2020) – Phase 2 Options Selection

Update No. 1 (May 2020) – Phase 2 Options Selection

By Shannon Access
Friday, 1st May 2020

Progress Update

Phase 2 (Options Selection) of the Scheme is currently ongoing. 

A constraints study area has been identified for the Scheme. The constraints study is currently ongoing to identify the nature and extent of natural and artificial constraints. This study will enable appropriate route corridor options to be developed and examined. The constraints will be documented and mapped such that route corridor options can be designed taking cognisance of such constraints. An important attribute of Phase 2 is the facilitation of stakeholder engagement, through public consultation.


A number of Public Consultation events will be held during Phase 2 of the Scheme, which will be advertised through various media platforms and on the Scheme Website. Given the current COVID-19 situation, all face-to-face consultations are suspended until restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, Public Engagement is encouraged to ensure that those with an interest or potentially affected by the proposed Scheme are kept fully informed and their feedback is taken into account.  The Project Liaison Officer remains available and contactable by phone on 065 6866147 or via email at info@shannonaccess.ie  to address any queries.


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