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Update No. 3 (October-November 2020) - Phase 2 Options Selection Progress Update

Update No. 3 (October-November 2020) - Phase 2 Options Selection Progress Update

By Shannon Access
Tuesday, 10th November 2020


Phase Two (Options Selection) of the N19 Shannon Airport Access Road Improvement Scheme is currently ongoing. A Constraints Study area has been identified for the scheme and a study has been completed to identify the nature and extent of natural and artificial constraints.

A number of preliminary route corridors have been developed which take cognisance of the identified constraints. These preliminary route corridors are currently being appraised. An important attribute of Phase Two is the facilitation of stakeholder engagement through public consultation.

Progress Update

Phase Two of the Scheme (Options Selection) is currently ongoing and consists of a three-stage process as follows:

• Stage 1 – Preliminary Options Assessment
• Stage 2 – Project Appraisal Matrix
• Stage 3 – Preferred Option

Work continues to progress in relation to Stage 1 of the Options Selection process for the scheme. This includes the Preliminary Options Assessment, which involves the assessment of the potential impacts of the options, and their relative success in achieving the project objectives, under the headings of engineering, environment and economy.
The first public consultation session is being arranged to inform members of the public, and other key stakeholders, of the preliminary options developed and the findings of the constraints study. The first public consultation will provide opportunities for feedback and queries from interested stakeholders which will contribute to the decision making process. 


The first non-statutory public consultation is scheduled to take place between Thursday 12th November 2020 and Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, Clare County Council is unable to hold a public consultation event in-person within the local area. Instead, an online public consultation platform is being developed and will be made available on the project website from Thursday 12th November 2020. This online public consultation experience will allow stakeholders and the general public to view and download the consultation brochure and maps and submit feedback on the constraints and preliminary route options using an online questionnaire.

A dedicated phone line (065 6866147) will be available from Thursday 12th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020 between the hours 09:00 to 16:00 to speak directly with a member of the project team.


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